Frequently Asked Questions

¾” Solid Wood Doors & Drawers, ½” Plywood Boxes & ¾” Plywood Shelves

RTA stands for “Ready to Assemble” which means these cabinets are pre-cut and fabricated. Pre-cut and fabricated also means they come in preset sizes, sizing in inches of three. Custom cabinets can be designed to any size and are cut and fabricated as requested.

Quartz is man made material while Quartzite is natural stone. Quartz is made in a factory to resemble the natural Quartzites that are pulled out of the mountains. Natural stone is stronger and can withstand temperatures that Quartz cannot. Quartz can withstand water and moisture better than natural stone since they are man made to be less porous

2cm material is ¾” thick while 3cm material is 1 ¼”. Back in the day, almost all granite slabs came in 2cm, ¾” thick and were laminated. A process that doubled the edge creating a thickness of 1 ½”. 3cm material being already 1 ¼” is now the most popular way to go. Avoiding seams in your edges and wasted material to attain that level of thickness.