We have partnered with some of the most exclusive, sleek and modern brands. Offering a wide range of cabinets, countertops, flooring, baseboards, electrical and plumbing fixtures. Directing you straight to our partnered sites for you to shop these beautiful collections. We recommend screenshotting anything that draws you in, that way when you come in to the showroom, you can
make sure to see them in person.

Within a full remodel there will be a lot material decisions to be made. From sinks, tubs, toilets, lighting, shower heads and handles. In the preparation of the remodel, we will put together a full material list of everything you would need to complete the project in which we would shop and check off together. In the meantime, these are the keys to starting your home remodeling project.




Framed cabinets are not called framed because of the shaker border you see around the door. It is actually because of the face frames in which the doors are attached that allow for easier installation in which they get their names. The most common framed cabinets are the new shaker style that still give you the traditional look but in a clean and more modern way.


Just like the framed cabinetry, the name frameless does not just come from the flat panel door you see. The name comes from the lack of face frame attached to the box. The door is secured onto the inside wall of the cabinets verses the front frame. The most common frameless cabinets are the flat panel euro-style as shown above.




Quartz is typically known as a man-made material but is in fact man made out of the same crystals found in natural quartzites. A man made process binds these crystals with resins, pigments and other materials resulting in a durable, non porous material, known today as quartz. Due to its waterproof nature, it is a popular option in bathrooms and most kitchens and can be used for other applications such as tub surrounds and shower walls.
Natural stone refers to both granite and quartzites. Both formed 100% organically deep within the earth, extracted in blocks by quarrying. Natural stone is strong, durable and can withstand high temperatures, which makes it great for outdoor applications. Marble is the most porous of natural stone and in my opinion, best to stay away from. Quartzite is the stronger and more durable opponent to marble. Although is a little more porous than granite, once sealed, nothing can compare.




Porcelain tile is made out of a mixture of clay, sand and feldspar, The sand strengthens the mixture, while the feldspor melts, fusing it together. Feldspar is a naturally occurring mineral in granite, making the tile denser than the standord ceromic tile. The benefits of porcelain are in the body. The strength of the tile and the temperatures it can withstand. Porcelain tile is great for flooring, walls and outdoors. Porcelain can also make a great countertop and can also be tumed into a cooktop.


Luxury vinyl planks have become a fan favorite for their convincing wood-like qualities, easy installation and new water resistant features. Vinyl planks are a good choice to run throughout the main flooring in common rooms, bedrooms and even the kitchen. Being water resistant, not waterproof, it is best to stick with tile in the bathrooms.